Health Ministry Community

Walking the whole & holy way of Jesus Christ to become well with God, creation, neighbour and self

Health Ministry Community

The Whole and Holy Way
for Health and Well-being

What is the whole and holy way?

Jesus taught and embodied the way of wholeness that involves growing in loving relationship with God, creation and each other until we come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of Christ that we become fully like him. Such wholeness is health and is about a depth of
relationship that is described in scripture as peace, shalom, harmony.  Growing towards such unity brings renewal to our whole person. 

Who are we?
We are a network of church leaders, parish nurses, caregivers, educators and members of churches and parishes who embrace the health and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

What is our work of service?
We offer our talents to compile practice-centered materials that address spiritual, body/mind and relational care topics through exchange groups, practice groups, courses and events. We offer these to promote well-being, compassionate care and living in harmony with God, creation and each other. We support congregations and parishes that make health ministry a mission for their members and the communities they serve.

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