InterChurch Health Ministry Community

A place where community happens, connections are made and lives are changed

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The Whole and Holy Way
to have Health and be Well

Jesus embodied wholeness and encouraged his followers to be whole as I am whole. By following in his way, we come to such unity of faith and knowledge of Christ, that we become fully like him. Such
wholeness is health and is about a depth of relationship that is described in scripture as peace, shalom, harmony. Growing in such unity opens us to a whole new life.

Who are we and what do we do?
InterChurch Health Ministry Community brings together church members, clergy, parish nurses, caregivers, spiritual teachers and health advocates who embrace the health and healing ministry of Jesus Christ. It is a ministry that encourages us to keep awake, and be renewed (daily) in body, mind, spirit and relationships. The ICHM Community supports congregations and parishes that promote this ministry as a mission for their members and the communities they serve.

What is our purpose?

With unity of purpose we offer our gifts for creating a caring community that promotes whole-person health and deeper connections with God's presence, people and creation. Volunteers offer their services to create activity groups, workshops, resources, and events that support Church Health Ministry so that people connect more deeply, live more fully, and become the whole people of God.